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To sleep or not to sleep....

It's 5:30 am and I should be getting up soon... If I weren't already up.

Yesterday was going to be shopping trip to Camden... Pissing down with rain so I decided to go back to bed. And then the postman arrived... I wonder if he can see through the frosted glass on my front door.

Christina came round I help her with more business plan stuff and spreadsheet stuff, she cooked and cleaned and generally tidied up... Result!

Finally gave up trying to get electronic components from UK companies. So went to very nice US one and they have everything in stock and it's all on it's way. They did however have to ask me what I wanted all this stuff for (US export regulations). There was a drop down menu for uses, I was so tempted to select the military/space option... But As I really do want these bits I guess it was best I told the truth.

Hmmm... What to do today? Could go to computer fair haven't had much sleep so best to go by train, or I could go back to bed and see if I can sleep. Maybe I'll ring Ian at 9 and see if he wants to meet for breakfast and then go buy computer bits. Need new HDD. Bloody Hell! What is it that takes up all this space on my drives? I remember thinking 1gig was big now I have about 100gig all full up.

Right I'm rambling now so I'm off to bed for 3 hours

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