Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Today I...
Got a chest of drawers on the local freecycle list. It needs some work but I was going to get one on ebay that would have involved driving 50 miles away and fixing too... Tip for buying chests of drawers on ebay, search for "chest of draws".

In other news...
Lodger has spoilt companion cat #1 with pork. Cat will now expect prime meat products at all times.

Lodger also introduced me to milk based alcohol drink, yum! If I hadn't already put myself on outside of a large amount of wine I may have had more.

Had breakfast with friend who is known as my brother in a certain cafe in Twickenham... Unfortunately that cafe has had the locks changed by the landlord and we had to break fast else where.

The planed evening went slightly adrift... But I guess the important thing to remember is there is no spoon.


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