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Stuff that pops into my head when I can't sleep.

The trouble with having the TARDIS * de-materialisation sound** as my ring tone for so long ... is I tend to look around for my phone whenever I hear the sound. Lodger Jo has the sound** on her phone, it also turns up on ring tones when I'm out and about, I'm even reaching for my phone when I watch Doctor*** Who, such is the pavlovian effect of the sound on me now. Kind of fun when at the check-out in the supermarket and off goes the phone to the delight of some small child who is hopefully looking around for a blue box. In the end I decided to change my ring tones to clocks striking, causes no end of amusement in antique shops, proprietor looking around trying to workout which of his clocks is daring to striking at 23 past hour.  It's also a nicely un-intrusive sound for a bookshop.

"Hello? Hang-on I'll just go outside to take this call. WHAT? BECAUSE I'M IN A BLOODY BOOKSHOP!"

I'd I like a sample of an English butler discreetly clearing his throat before more formally announcing that there is someone wishing to talk to me on the  telephonic device. But sadly the classic English butler died out before recording techniques became sophisticated and sensitive enough to capture the, so discreet you'd think you'd just been lightly kissed on the ear by a passing angel, butler cough.

*No I'm not shouting. That's how it should be written, it's an acronym.

** "Sound" not "Sound-effect", because it's all real!

***Never abbreviate his title to "Dr".


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