Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Getting into the mind of the mainstream music industry.

1. Do not let go of the concept of there being one audience of millions. Even though technologies now exists to sell to millions of audiences of one.

2. Concentrate your sales on the least sophisticated market. Even though it represents only a small percentage of the music buying public.

3. Blame falling sales on the something that wasn't around 10 years ago. Even though CD sales are still higher now than they were ten years ago.

4. Keep churning out the same old formula. Even though the bargain bins are full of failed same old, same olds.

5. Look around your A&R department and be thankful no one responsible for scouting out new acts looks the least bit "cutting edge". Even though they all think the Marquee is still in Wardour Street and haven't seen a band live since they escaped with the family to the country.

6. Feel content that the 4 boys or 4 girls singing group you just put together won't last longer than it takes you to manufacture the next 4 boys or 4 girls singing group. Even though it's ridiculously expensive to market this crap and the fail rate is cutting dangerously deep into company profits.

7. Be happy that your new hot group's album will be only available in charity shops this time next year (and then only for a few weeks after donation until it's binned unsold). Even though your company is being held up financially by the still strong and steady sales of albums recorded over 30 years ago.

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