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Bank Holiday Monday and no rain shock!

OK brief up date... Been clearing up flat... Nearly all done but a pile of stuff barricades the hall right now. Stuff will be taken to storage unit tomorrow. Much clearing and cleaning... thus I have been neglecting the old L.J. thing.

Had meant to be up bright and early this morning to go and feed cats I'm looking after. But I didn't get up until 11ish, I've only seen one cat over the whole weekend. This always happens so not too worried. I'm sure enough cat fud is been eaten to account for missing cat.

Decided at last moment to head for Kingston Green fair. It was a bit of a Live Journal convention, met bird_mad_girl, glamgothruthy, indigo_violet, lonewolf1964, piercedandproud, sheridanwilde and a whole host of other people who may or may not have L.J.s. Saw Alison, who I haven't seen for years and she's all married now. Also thought I saw Chris out of Swarf... Was about to say "hello" then though "nah!" he's on tour in the US... Wrong! I was telling piercedandproud "I saw this bloke who looked like Chris out of Swarf"...
And he say, "probably was him, they came back"... D'oh!. I picked up a load of Victorian bottles from one stall, a beer or two from the pub, veg burgers... and spent a pleasant afternoon sitting around chatting. If anyone has any photos of this afternoon can you email one or two to me please? I didn't think to take my camera... Ta :-)

Back home now and putting off more clearing up and loading of stuff into car. May just put my feet up for a while.

Oh and... Paul if you're reading this let me know when you are in London please. Beers? Museum Tavern?