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...and very, very quickly....

Came back from Wadfest.

Dumped off stuff at flat.

No word from solicitor received in my absence.

Jumped back in car the next day and drove with Jo to Kent.

Dropped off all my camping gear at my new top secret base in Kent.

Went an looked at a house. Love everything thing about it apart from the size of the bedrooms. Have asked estate agent to confirm measurements.

Back home now and the bedroom looks like an army surplus store has collided with a burlesque costume shop and a Victorian gentlemen's outfitters.

But no time to clear-up, as I'm off to see if the O2 Guru can offer any enlightenment. "The path to data recovery from a Nokia N8 is a rocky one and you have no sandals my son."

Still haven't done my tax for last year.

And still no word from solicitor received in my second absence.

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