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Phew! What a Scorcher.

Remember this weather come February.

Last week Jo, Steve and I were swimming off the Kent coast. Wish I was back there now.

My car broke-down on the way home yesterday. Same place, same symptoms. This time I let it cool down for half an hour and it got me home no problems. I now suspect this is a hot fuel problem. It was a hot day last time this happened and I'd done a fast clear run round the M25 as well. It felt just like running out of petrol. I tried letting the engine cool for 10 mins but that only got me 300 yards further on. The full half hour cool down did the trick. So if anyone has any ideas that don't involve getting a new car (just yet) I'll be very grateful. 

Talking of cars.... Just took two car loads of records (albums, Singles and 78s) to the storage unit. Car got me to storage unit and back twice and over to Uncle Nem's no problem. Oh and.... Don't get me started on the fiasco that was the attempted  delivery of the boxes for the records. I could have so easily said I didn't get them, good job I'm an honest chap.

Have to go see the solicitor tomorrow as there were a couple of letters here and they are so full of Legalese I need them translated. Seems to me the buyer is keen to get on and exchange, I'm keen to get on and exchange... the estate agent is very keen we get on and exchange. The hold up is the buyers solicitor. I may suggest we bring forward completion to 2 weeks once we have exchanged to try and make up the lost week. There's so little in the flat now I could be out in a couple of hours.

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