Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Oh bugger!

A few years ago, back when if you said "facebook" to someone they'd reply "huh?", I subscribed to a blog crossposting site that picked up my posts on livejournal and forwarded them to twitter and facebook. I did have a link to the site on my old HDD that went in the great crash of 2009, and I've now forgotten what the site was called. D'OH! 
There are now more elegant ways of cross posting (LJ helpfully introduced a couple of tick buttons) but I'm stuck with the old settings on a site I can't find. Anyone remember any sites that offered this service? I've tried a few but they don't seem to be the one I used (no record of any of my email addresses).

If this turns up twice on my facebook.... I still haven't found the site.


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