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Frantic call from estate agent this morning... Apparently confirmation of the mortgage offer still hasn't been received... After some equally frantic calls by myself it seems the building society are blaming my solicitor. The offer has been drawn-up but can't be issued until they hear from my solicitor. Well I was told that letter was sent ages ago, so probably got lost. Grrrr....more time lost.... Grrr.
Solicitor not in the office until tomorrow. Oh well this should be easy to sort, just send copy of letter.

I still can't get a builder to look at the property, but I guess I may as well hold off on chasing-up the "Call us after Christmas" builders, until I have the structural survey done. As one builder has said (and this seems sensible) "Get a structural with repair advice and I'll use that to cost it for yer". Actually he seems really sussed and I'm keen to go with him just from the advise he's given me on the phone.

And I thought it would be plain-sailing once I'd sold, I was expecting "Sign this, sign that" in before end of January.

I don't want the purchase to drag on as long as selling the flat did.

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