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At the end of my tether.

Well we didn't exchange contracts yesterday. Not entirely surprised. For the last month every other time I've spoken to my solicitor and every time I've spoken to the estate agent I've asked what sort of timescale is the buyer is looking at between exchange and completion. I was repeatedly told the buyer was "ready to go", "not in a chain so able to move out PDQ"... I had a creeping doubt that no one had bothered to call and ask the buyer and all this was wishful thinking or just telling me what they though I wanted to hear. But yesterday my solicitor was talking about exchanging that day and completing the following week so I though, maybe, just maybe, someone has really run this timescale by the buyer. Nope the one week turnaround, turned out to be purely aspirational. The proposed time frame is now complete on the 27th of Feb. Once again not at all surprised. I was also advised there was a broken window now, that would be repaired by accredited glaziers but not for a week or so, and I should inspect this before exchanging... "Huh? A week! Sounds serious." was my thought and the solicitor seemed so concerned about this window I assumed the whole frame must be out of the wall, glass all over the room, "police line do not cross" tape all round the garden. So I called the estate agent to make an appointment to go inspect the damage. Was called back to be told 3pm today. Meanwhile my imagination was running overtime... I mean how broken does a window have to be to give a solicitor cause for concern about the whole purchase of the property? So Jem and I popped over to take a look. On arrival at the (by now in my worst fears) "disaster zone"... I was extremely relieved to see the house was still standing and the broken window hadn't penetrated the second pane of glass. "Oh is that all." Same thing happened at my flat once and I took 3 measurements from the old unit, had a new one made up same day and refitted it myself. Anyway much relieved that the window turned out to be a lot of fuss over nothing, we retired to the pub for a pint and a couple of games of pool.

Still going over this afternoon to measure-up for curtains... and I guess I have to inspect the window on the inside to keep everyone happy.

Anyway I've really had enough of all this mucking about. I mean what's next? "A tile's slipped off the roof, you've got to go inspect that before we can exchange." Or "The tap in the bathroom has developed a drip, get over there now and check it out" or "Hold everything, there's a dandelion on the lawn, the building society has to be informed!". Have we really become such a litigious society that such tiny details have to get in the way of the bigger picture. 

SO ENOUGH ALREADY! Got up at 9am to phone and ask my solicitor to "Please, please can we exchange contracts today? I couldn't give a toss about a broken window.", only to be told that the buyer is also insisting we exchange today or else the deal's off. I guess we both are at the ends our respective tethers on this. So hopefully we will exchange today. If not I guess I start this whole bloody business again.

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