Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I'm having a day off and I feel guilty.

I think I've done nearly everything I have to re my mother's death, a few letters and forms to do yet but not stuff that's a legal obligation. I've left the solicitor with only one job and it won't take long or cost much.

My father is very ill, he can't walk. He's in hospital and has no idea where he is. His most recent delusion involves him being in charge of building a railway across South America. He keeps asking me for progress reports on the tunnel he thinks my team is digging.

My health is starting to suffer, however I'm still plodding on and hope for a good outcome.

I think I will move my parent's cat in with me next week, this cat is the most nervous cat I've ever known and moving him and settling him is going to be hard but he needs more contact and affection than I can give him in a flying visit to feed him.</a>