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I've been demolishing shelves in the basement. Rough wood cobbled together and attached to the wall with 20" nails. I've also made an exploratory hole in the wall of the basement into a void. I'm not sure but there may be a further room under the house.Probably the only way to be sure is to have the floorboards up and get in from above.

In other news a quick fix in the built in wardrobes turned into a major job a visits to several DIY stores today. Please don't ask. I'm too tired.

I'm beginning to regret giving the lodger permission to paint her room.... mostly the regret is due to the dodgy music that she's playing while painting. I wonder if it's too late to amend the lodger agreement? ;-)

Now I'm writing this rather than deal with a pile of paperwork. I do paperwork better if I'm at Peggy's café... trouble is I'm now 100 miles away from that café.

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