Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

The Last Few Days...

Karen came to stay, which was excellent. Neil was down in Dover filming with Time Team, and came to stay after the Channel 4 hospitality hotel ran out. Tried out the restaurant in the pub across the road last night. Rather good and pretty reasonable.

Today Neil and I pulled down the plasterboard ceiling in the basement, a job made very easy as it was barely nailed up anyway. Also cleared out the last of the toot down there, shelves removed, tins of paint that rattle when you shake them, and a good sweep-up and vacuum. Now I'm ready to start repairing the floor joists here and there, then put some of the wiring in trunking, and move the light, add a few more lights, beef-up the stairs, then think about what I'm going to do about a sump pump and cleaning or tanking the walls.

But next I need to shower because most of the dirt that was under the floor ended up in my hair, next time I do a job like that I'm wearing a hat.  

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