Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

There's a gale blowing outside. I'm up in the office and although the wind is whistling around the eaves it sounds far more spooky than dramatic. "Dramatic" as in "about to lift the roof off and send it to France". I worry about the roof, it does make some spectacular noises at the best of times... Mostly because I suspect it's acting like a big sound box, amplifying the smallest noise. I seagull was on the roof the other night hopping around and in my bedroom it sounded like someone hammering at the front door.

Right now it's raining as well as blowing a gale and I have to go to the post office, Machine Mart, then off to Sandwich to an auction viewing. I feel more like going back to bed with a book and a coffee. Even writing this is just me putting off going out in the elements. 

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