Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Life outside of the M25.

I have to be up early so posting here at 1am probably isn't what I should be doing right now. Sensible Mr Rimmell is suggesting I go to my bedroom, set the alarm and get into bed. Other bits of my brain are suggesting among other things: pour another glass of wine, order some more books on-line, or even...unpack my luggage that I arrived home with last Wednesday.

There's been a lot going on the last few weeks.

The workshop still isn't up and running. Mostly due to me mulling over certain design options that won't be easily reversible once I've set the work in progress. Which is of course a BS excuse for general procrastination.

Watch this space for photos of progress obtained in the next week.*

*This is a purely aspirational statement.


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