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Sleep pattern is all over the place once again... Woke up 1am Sunday morning... Half thought about going to the Slimelight. Ended up watching the 1931 Spanish version of Dracula, read for a bit then went for a drive (I love driving early in the morning). ended up at my parents had breakfast with them, slept till midday and then went out to lunch.

Nearly went to the Devonshire on Sunday night but by the time I found out people were going I would have only just made last orders.

Not sure what time I went to sleep Sunday night (Monday morning) woke up when postman rang the door bell. CD I ordered in November had arrived. Soundtrack to Nosferatu by Popol Vuh.

Went to vet to get more cat food, and looked around Twickers charity shops. Popped round to see Christina... Strange blond girl answers door, Chris not there. Who is strange blond girl? Why is she so thin?

Must of gone to sleep this afternoon woke up around 6pm when Neil phoned. Asked if I was around this evening and he duly arrived with beer... Neil is a good thing!

Had strange message from Natasha. She wanted to pick my brain about something, didn't say what but it sounded intriguing... Must email her and ask what this is all about.

Well it's 3 am now and I don't know what to do with myself. Ah! I have an idea I'll call Paul in the US he'll still be up.

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