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Three Months Without Telly

Just finished hooking-up the aerial in the loft. It's roasting hot up there, I itch from coming into contact with the fiberglass insulation, there are splinters in my hands and knees, I've banged my knuckles knocking holes through two floors.... and now after doing all that, there's nothing on the 60 odd channels the TV tells me I have now.

Still I did it myself (with help from Jo on the intercom calling out signal strength as I slowly shifted the aerial a few degrees left then right "30%, nothing, nothing, 42%...") and at about a tenth of the cost of getting it done professionally. I didn't have anyone cutting off my neighbor's aerial as I stood shouting "not that cable!", I won't have to have repeat visits from different firms all equally useless, I didn't even have to get permission from the freeholders to carryout the work. Now when the chimney is done I can get them to remove the scrap metal that is the old aerial.

I've also had an opportunity to have a look at the woodwork in the eaves. Now I'm planning o putting drawers and cupboards into the eaves. Cabinets will slot in between the struts and be covered with insulation from behind. There could even still be room for a crawl space behind the cabinets.

In other news...

Still waiting to hear about getting a radiator moved and I can open-up another fireplace.

Picking-up 2 lathes and some other woodworking tools on Saturday morning. There'll be photos of the kit posted I'm sure.

Friends arriving on Sunday, so looks like a full house for the Jubilee.

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