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Bit of an odd day...

I was expecting the delivery of a cast iron radiator for the hall today, I also had to go and give blood. I don't remember being told "No heavy lifting after blood donation." at previous sessions. Then again I wasn't expecting several hundred pounds of metal to be plopped on my footpath after donating before. 

Shortly after getting back from getting free juice and cookies, the radiator was delivered. As I suspected this was a pallet drop where they are only obliged to get the pallet onto your property... not into your property, ONTO.

 Hmmm... written like that it looks like an acronym, The Organisation for Nurturing Trees Overseas. I'll find another way of emphasising it.

... not into your property, onto it.

There that's better.

Well I didn't pass out, my arm didn't burst open and I got the radiator off the pallet and into the house. And,,, HEY!

Errr... Helping Everyone Yodel?

And hey! I got some free timber in the shape of a pallet.

So then Jo finds something really cool on line. There's a guy a couple of towns away selling some really strange looking panels, covered with dials, gauges, old electrical stuff mixed with odd bits of brass. They looked like film props to me, but I could see there was a load of real vintage stuff in there. So I made a couple of offers and eventually we agreed on a price. Ah! More heavy lifting.

Here's some of the haul laid out in my living room.


 Turns out he used to make these up out of scrap for theme bars and restaurants and they were shipped off to the USA. I'm not sure if he knows about steam punk, but he was building these things years ago. He did mention Jules Verne as an inspiration.

There are a number of castings on the panels that I am certainly going to copy and use in the new bathroom.

In other news...
While I was out today a chap came to read the electric meter... which is in the cellar, where I've just dismantled the bottom steps and starting digging a hole. Apparently Jo did warn him that he went down there at his own risk, and luckily he didn't break his leg trying to get to the meter.

And talking of the cellar... Tomorrow I'm off to get a bigger angle grinder to cut deeper into the concrete floor, so I can dig the sump. Really not looking forward  to that job.

And so to bed.


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