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Today I...

Made another hole in my house.

This is the start of the pump sump hole I keep going on about. I'm sure the only reason I'm digging this is to use Sods Law to my advantage. "That which you are prepared for never happens." or "The one thing that you never considered WILL* happen.".

It doesn't look that deep in the photo, maybe I should put one of those scales you see in photos from archaeological digs. It's about a foot down so far and cutting the three inches of concrete was a bit of a compromise between brute force and gently tickling. Brute force to get through the concrete and a gentle tickle to save the damp proof membrane (DPM). Still got to dig a further couple of feet but Jem wanted his shovel back this afternoon, I was happy to hand it over and have an excuse to quit while I am ahead. 

In other news Jo and I are writing lyrics... 
So far we have 

You may not be catch of the season.
But you're definitely dish of the day.  

Is it me or is that from an existing song?

Tomorrow I'm dropping in on various fireplace companies in the area to book them for visits for quotes.
"Now is the winter of our discontent. Made glorious summer by this son of Twicken-ham. And all the fireplaces that lay within this house, deep with in the breast of KENT, are now burrowed out, unbound and ready now for Victorian hearths.".

*West Illinois Ladies League?

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