Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I've been a tad busy.

Hole in the basement is now lined with damp proof membrane and two inches of concrete has been mixed and poured into the bottom. I've made a shuttering box and that's ready to be held in place and the walls of the hole will be cast, just as soon as I've got some more cement, sand and gravel.

I've also been to the doctor, some sort of eye infection... I hate anything to do with eyes and teeth hurting. I forgot to mention the pain in my elbow to the doctor, I can put up with elbow pain.

Had a bit of a clear-up of the house with Jo acting as advanced guard and me coming in to wipe-out small pockets of resistance. 

Today I decided to finally bite the bullet... so to speak, and start sorting the paperwork relating to the 2011-12 tax year. I hate doing tax stuff, even though I really only do the accounts then give the figures to my accountant and he files it all. I did two tax courses a few years ago. these were free courses run by HM TAX I thought I could learn how to do it myself and it would save me the £500 or so a year I pay my accountant to fill in the online forms. After doing the courses I decided £500 was money well spent. It's all too bloody complicated and Adam Heart Davis has been lying to us.

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