Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Just stop raining! PLEASE!

I've taken the bottom of the cellar staircase apart. I have free bricks to rebuild it.

I am picking up a cement mixer tomorrow. When I was 6 or & I really, really wanted a cement mixer. This one's slightly smaller than the one I had in mind back in the 60s... But what the heck, hang on to your dreams.

I still can't get the fireplace man to call me back. Which is disappointing because I rather liked the guy and wanted to go with him... But  I started calling on Monday and he still hasn't got back to me. This seems to be the way of fireplace fitters because I had a survey carried out on Monday by another firm, and they haven't got back to me either. Clearly I have unrealistic expectations.

In other news...

Jo has been attacking the first of the bedroom fireplaces with a heat gun and harsh language. Admittedly the harsh language was aimed at the weather.

Jo also found time to take a couple of bottles of  dye to my barnet , thus I narrowly avoid being ejected from the goth club due to unnecessary greyness. There's a rule about that.

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