Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Just got back from seeing Shrek 2, apart from being extremely funny, loved the Starbucks joke (blink and you'll miss it)... the CGI is excellent it's come on leaps and bounds from the first Shrek (and that was pretty amazing). Look out for the water effects, there's a shot of Shrek looking at his reflection in a stream that really took my breath away.

Off to see my Dad now... Have phone on in the cinema on silent mode... very relieved no calls. may heart skips a beat each time it rings and skips two beats if it's an unknown number. I answer those calls with much trepidation. I think people can hear the relief in my voice when it I find it's not the hospital.

May go the computer fair again tomorrow morning then... Is anyone up for a pint? Museum Tavern? Sherlock Holmes pub? I'm not thinking of a long session as I can't be getting too wobbly right now.


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