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Any Old Iron, Any Old Iron...

This is the inspection plate on my range.


It's a piece of steel plate with a couple of pop rivets.
It's a valiant attempt at a fix, functional but a bit of botch-up.

The chances of finding spares for a 112 year old  range were pretty slim.
So slim I was going to make a wooden pattern and sand cast a new one in iron...

However, I didn't bank on Jo trawling through ebay listings and finding this....


It's the remains of a slightly earlier model of my range. The only real difference being the doors.
The range was only £20 and although totally knackered provides all the spares I'll ever need.

Here's the replacement plate in place. It'll need wire-brushing and stove blacking but it already looks the business.

Many thaks to Jo for finding it, Jem for giving me a hand to load and unload it, and Paul for being a top ebay seller.

Anyone remember that episode of The Good Life where they got a range?

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