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In the last few of days...

My friend Neil has been staying. I have continued to work on the wiring in the cellar. The steel trunking has been put up and taken down a couple of times, and should now be permanently in place. Wiring has been secured for eight bulkhead lights on the ceiling. The cables are now in a junction box ready to be wired up once the ceiling has been insulated and plasterboard fixed in place.

I have also been making the Rimm'o Victorian Tile Cleaning Jig. I've already made one that was a tad over engineered and wouldn't present the tiles to the machining head level. When testing the jig it occurred to me there was no need for it to be a clamping device and simpler one would be level. This new simpler version is on the drawing-board now.

In other news...

Today Neil cut down a dead tree in my garden. So we have about a weeks worth of firewood.

Tomorrow I'm on a mission to find a replacement inner front door and possibly a kitchen door or two . So we're off on a reclamation yard hunt.

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