Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Sometime ago I said I would put together all the Sarah Bernhardt recordings that I have onto a CD, for an exhibition next year in New York... I've been looking at the note on my PC every day now for weeks... OK a lot has got in the way of doing it but tonight I decided to get on with it and put the CD together. It's long over due as I haven't got all my recordings of Sarah in one place anyway.

I've just finished. Just have to do the track listing and Then I'm off to bed.

1902 La Chanson d'Eviradnus Victor Hugo Pathé 2021
1902 Le Lac Maurice Bernhardt Pathé 2022
1902 Phèdre Jean-Baptiste Racine Pathé 2023
1902 La Fiancée du Timbalier Victor Hugo Pathé 2024
1902 Lucie Alfred de Musset Pathé 2025
1903 Le Lac Maurice Bernhardt Gramophone & Typewriter Co. 1501-F1 31170
1903 La Samaritaine Edmond Rostand Gramophone & Typewriter Co. 1502-F1 31171
1903 Les Vieux Rosemonde Géard Gramophone & Typewriter Co 1503-F1 31172
1903 Un Evangile François Coppée Gramophone & Typewriter Co. 1551-F1 31102
1903 Phèdre Jean-Baptiste Racine Gramophone & Typewriter Co. 1552-F1 31103
1903 La Mort d'Izéil Maurice Bernhardt Gramophone & Typewriter Co. 1553-F1 31104
1903 Théroigne de Méricourt Paul Hervieu Zonophone X 2129
1903 Un peu de musique Victor Hugo Zonophone X 2130
1910 L' Aiglon Edmond Rostand Edison 35007
1910 Phèdre Jean-Baptiste Racine Edison 35008
1910 Les Bouffons Miguel Zamacïs Edison 35011
1910 La Samaritaine Edmond Rostand Edison 35013
1918 La Prière pour nos Ennemis Louis Paven Vocalion Discs 22035a
1918 L'Étoile dans la Nuit Emile Guérinon & Henri Cain Vocalion Discs 22035b

I think this list pretty much comprises all the surviving recordings.


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