Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Found and lost.

The bad news is I've lost my current notebook, crammed full of important stuff I need to remember. Wish I could remember where I last saw it.

The good news is during the hunt for the little black book, found my fold away keyboard. I've missed that gadget. Charging the batteries for it now and wail try pairing it with my new phone tomorrow. Will be good to type on a full size keyboard while out and about again. Saves lugging a laptop around.

In other news I've removed the board that was covering the original tounge and groove panel under the stairs and also done the same to the celler door. Have stripped back most of the old paint to uncover the original wood. It looks so much better already.

Have pretty much moved into the dinning room as the primary living space. Evenings being spent with feet up by the stove. Next I start work on the bookcases in the front room as well as building the storage and work benches for the celler.

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