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Kids today... I don't know....

Went out to the computer fairs in Tottenham Court Road this morning, had hoped to drag Ian and James T. Kirk along, but ended up on my own. I was looking for a small flat screen monitor for my Victorian computer project. Probably shouldn't of gone but I was also after a coax to optical digital audio converter and a scart switching unit This has become necessary as James T. Kirk is very kindly letting me have some hand me down technology, just hope the Federation don't get to hear about it... What with the Prime Directive and all.

Anyway... Has anyone noticed how the staff in shops know nothing about the things they sell? I'm in Maplin trying to find a coax to optical digital audio converter. I find a load of optical to coax digital audio converters but that's not what I want, first member of staff tells me that "IS" what I want. I find the one I want on my own, the assistant takes it from me to get the price at till saying "they all the same mate"... I feel like saying "yeah in-it". He gets price, it seems reasonable if... but he's already handed it to the girl on the till. I ask her if it has a power supply included (it must have I reason but I find it best to check) she looks at me blankly and says "Don't know. Do yer wan' it or wot?". My request to take a quick look at the box gets me a "tut". What really annoys me is these kids are turning me into a moaning old man.

I walked back to Waterloo via the bookstalls under Waterloo bridge, got a copy of Hound of The Baskervilles (it is my mission to reread all the Sherlock Holmes stories this year, I had better get a move on it is July and I've only read one).

I'm home now and the cold I have had for a couple of weeks is feeling worse. I'm hot and a little dizzy. I think I'll give visiting my dad a miss and have a hot bath a glass or two of brandy and retire to bed for the afternoon.

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