Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Funny ol' day...

I got up early to fill every water container in the house prior to turning off the stopcock outside. The pipe in the cellar has been leaking. The lead to copper joint still giving cause for concern. This time I tried an epoxy putty that is formulated for lead. Nope it didn't work. The water is still finding a way around. I'm only one or two more DIY attempts away from calling a plumber.

I also managed to track down a number of documents I require for a meeting on Thursday. It turned out 2 of the documents were in my file at my accountants, he's putting 'em in the post. Yay! I must get my filing sorted. Piles of paperwork on the office floor and an empty filing cabinet really isn't the best situation.

While I was waiting for epoxy putty to set I popped out to get rope and a steel bar for another little job. I also picked up this new toy.

Another microscope.

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