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Went to see my dad. Everyone seems very pleased that he's getting better (physically), I however whilst I'm pleased, have to to keep pointing out that he's physical problems were largely due to the medication he was put on. "Oh but he's so much better" they say.
"He was even better before he started on the drugs the doctor here prescribed" is my reply.

Went from the hospital to dad's house and did a spot of gardening for him, cut grass, cut anything that was starting to get too big here and there.

Came home and went to bed for most of the afternoon. Then headed up to The Dev for a few beers with James T. Kirk, Lee Anne, Dave, and assorted others. I like the Dev just a pity they don't do any good beers, I go more often if they just had one real ale. However a fine time was had and I woke up on the piercedandproud / bird_mad_girl sofa... and very pleased I was to receive iced water, black coffee and toast by way of a Chiswick style hangover cure.

James T. Kirk, Dave and I tried to do the pub thing at lunch time but we all ended up with soft drinks and I headed off for a shower my head still going "Arghhhgllpoot" as is it's want when I've filled myself with beer and whisky the night before.

Sorted myself out a bit... and headed over to see dad. He seems to have some idea that the double Moon is a French idea that we have adopted over here too. So when you look up into the night's sky and see those two moons.... you know who to blame.

Spoke to Ari tonight :-) Very good to talk to her and there are just over 8 days until she's back.

I do believe I like John Peel, ... I would very much like to have a few beers with him.

Going to have a bath after I've written this then off to bed to read.

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