Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Gone West.

I'm currently down in Cornwall, dog, chicken and pigeon sitting for a friend. Been down here since the 7th. I'm not bored, I don't get bored, but I'm would really like to go home now. At least the weather has improved. Last Tuesday was the worst weather wise, drove back from St Austell‎ in the worst weather I can remember ever having driven in. I was tempted to pull over and sit it out, but I couldn't be sure it wouldn't get worse, and I wanted to get back to the cottage to make sure the chickens hadn't been blown out of the county. Got back after an hour of being buffeted about the road, in places the A30 was green with leaves and pine-needles. Most pleased the shed hadn't blown down, chickens damp but still there, they did go off the lay for a couple of days. Despite the weather Tuesday was fun, met up with Sue in Truro and wandered around the town picked-up a few books hear and there and a steel filing drawer for the workshop, from a jewellers that was closing down. The drawer is a nice dark green and I may end up painting all the metal cabinets in the workshop to match.

On Thursday I drove down to town for supplies, leaving in fine sunny weather, then ran into rain and hail so heavy I was suddenly driving through two inches of ice on the road. Returning to the cottage I found the storm had passed the village by and the road was dry. Weird, Twilight Zone moment was driving up a hill with water and ice running down off it, then driving down the other-side and the road was dry.

I've been keeping myself busy here, designing bookcases for the front room on sketchup. Brought down a HDD full of music that I need to sort a little better, CDs ripped to wrong folders, every other band called "The" something or other filed under T, compilation album tracks filed under the artist's album so there's just one track in that folder, due to the last attempt to sort using auto cataloguing software ... that sort of thing. Half tempted to delete  it all and re rip with some proper hard and fast rules about filing in place.

Also... decided to sort out some niggling little problems on my car that have been bugging me for, errr... in some cases... years, well given how long they've been unattended, "bugging me" is probably the wrong phrase, it would probably be more accurate to describe them as "niggling little problems I've been successfully ignoring." . The upshot of this imposed "not much else to do ness" is rear window washer now works, one speaker grill firmly refitted (where a ferret pulled it off), all the jets on the windscreen washer work, I may even go mad and wash it.

At one point last week I thought it very important that I bid on three steel drawer cabinets on ebay, reasoning at the time that as they were in Maidenhead I could (if my bids were successful) collect them on my way home. Really wish I hadn't been so impulsive now, and would rather just drive home on Friday morning without any faffing around making detours and and hanging around for the seller to get back form work. I really hope I get outbid, it will make Friday much, much simpler.

Now I think it's dog walking time again... and because it isn't raining (gods be praised) I will gladly oblige the mutt. I swear the dog just heard me type the word "walking" because she's just got up and is now pestering me to go out. 

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