Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

The writing's on the wall.

I'm back from Cornwall. While I was away Jo asked if there was any decorating stuff she could do. I suggested wallpaper stripping and Jo set to with gusto. Under the old paper amongst some clues to previous and original decoration Jo found this...

under the paper
So we've now got a new date for the house. I had previously narrowed the build date down to sometime between 1898 and 1903, this was based on a map dated 1898 with the plot empty and a local directory entry for 1903 naming the occupant at the time. Still don't know if the house was build for the first occupant I know of. Can't make-out the whole name  George Richard A?f??he Brown. Jo has established there was a decorators firm called Brown & Son advertising in the town around the 1890s but it's a long shot it's the same Mr Brown given how common the name is. Next step is a trip to the library for another look at the local directory I mentioned.

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