Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Since I got back.

The heating is back on, so I guess summer is over.

Yesterday I had a bit of a clear-up in the cellar, there's a bag of small off cuts of wood that'll be heading for the stove tonight.

Jo's done wonders in the garden, clearing a massive pile of weeds from down the side of the house, it's an area I tend to forget about. There's probably a couple of car loads of green waste to go to the recycling centre.

I've ordered two radiators one for the bathroom and one for my bedroom. Hope to have those fitted before the end of June.

I've spoken to the builder who's going to be doing the work on the garage. He reckons it'll take about two weeks. While radiator work is occurring I've asked the plumber to move  some pipes in the garage so I can open up a door way into the garage from the house to provide access to a laundry room and workshop beyond that.

Other than that today is a tidy-up and make-up the spare rooms day. Friends staying at the weekend.

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