Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Operation Garage...

The  brickie popped by this morning with some samples of bricks, reds and yellows to match the original bricks of the original house. It's been decided that reclaimed bricks isn't the way to go. Unless we knock down part of the house we ain't gonna match 'em, plus there's a problem tying them into the original bricks. So a cunning mix of some different reproduction bricks have been picked and hopefully in in 115 years the new front of the garage will match the rest of the house.

I've paid the up front costs, skips, licensed removal and disposal of asbestos, bricks, lime mortar, and tea.

Many thanks to Jem and Number One Lodger for helping empty the garage. The front room is now packed with half a ton of parquet, two wood-lathes, enough timber to start my own wood-yard and various pieces of furniture.
2013-06-03 15.24.08
I'm reminded of Tutankhamun's tomb.

2013-06-03 15.24.23
I forgot to mention the 1980's Hi-Fi components, some windows and a kitchen-sink.
I really should have taken a before photo of the stuff piled up in the garage but I forgot. I don't think a suggestion to put it all back for a quick snap shot would have gone down too well  with the helpers, I know when not to push my luck.

In other news about house stuff...
I am awaiting delivery of a
nother cast iron radiator. One has already arrived for the bathroom, that's propped up against the stairs at the moment. I'm awaiting the other for my bedroom. I need to do a number of things before either can be fitted. Wall papering needs to be done in the bedroom, at least where the new radiator will be fitted. New skirting board needs fitting, again at the very least behind where the new bedroom rad will be. The new paper will need painting, at least two coats, red with gold highlights. The skirting will need staining and graining. The floor needs sanding and staining.  A new flooring in the bathroom needs to be chosen, purchased and fitted before the rad can be fitted in there. All this so I can get a bit more plumbing done with the system is drained so pipes can be moved in the garage to allow a door to be opened up into the house. People wonder why I don't just do one room at a time, if only it were that simple.

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