Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

3 days until Ari arrives :-) Most happy about this. Spent the day trying to get the flat into a semblance of order, in preparation of her arrival.

My dad is showing signs of recovery... although it is doubtful it will be 100%. I'm prepared to try and move in with him if that what it takes to get him back in his own home.

Need to talk to the chaplain about my mum's service next week. I still have no idea what form this service will take. I guess the chaplain will have a better idea than me and will be able to offer advice.

I seem to have done all paper work re my mothers death... Although I guess now I've written that more forms will arrive next week. Thing is right now my priorities are dealing with my dad and staying sane myself.... well OK my be that's trying to shut the stable door...


Not necessarily in this order.

1. I'm visiting my dad.

2. Need to go shopping for something special, for a special person.

3. Get some cider for paying hairdresser (yes my hairdresser takes cider).

4. Go get my hair dyed.

5. Phone the chaplain or try and see her while I'm at the hospital visiting dad.

6. Get quote for fixing the scrape down the side of my car. All the scratches and dents I've picked up on my cars in the last 15 years have been down to idiots who can't park. Grrrrrr..... Oh for a 360 degree video system to catch 'em.

7. Call Ari.


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