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One of those days....

Was supposed to be heading off for breakfast in Tenterden this morning. However early start plans were scuppered by the car not starting. Didn't even let me open the door with the doofer. Long story made short, Jo's father came over with jump leads, jump leads no work (never had any luck with jump leads), Jo's father runs me to auto shop, get new battery and earth strap (earth strap just crumbled when I un hooked the battery), came back lashed the battery in (because the battery clamp bolt is just spinning in a hole of rust), fitted battery, deafened by alarm going off as power was reintroduced to car, turned off alarm, started car. Sorted! Thanked Jo's father, and then headed off to Tenterden.

Half way to Tenterden car showered with stones from chap towing and therefore slow moving 4X4. He thought he was doing us a favour, however the result was my car probably needs new windscreen now, I doubt the chip can be fixed with resin. At this point I started wondering what was going to go wrong next. These things always come in threes I tell ye.

Arrived at Tenterden in time for lunch. Then pushed on for the main reason for going out today, collecting ebay purchase. New (old) bathroom cabinet. This cabinet is pretty much what I had intended to make and for £25 cheaper than the wood, glass, locks, hinges I would have had to buy to make one.

Headed back, via Jo's father's place to drop off "thank you" tubs of ice-cream. And then Jo ripped her new dress (that was the third thing I'd been expecting*). Got home to find Jem sitting on my garden wall, so invited him in for coffee, after telling him to "clear off" and "get orf moy wall".

Had email from ebay seller saying he'd cocked-up over a bathroom lock I'd ordered (hang-on that's a fourth thing) and would I accept a very similar one for £10 less. "YES" was my reply but I really needed it today. This fecks-up the finishing of the door frame, and thus cocks-up the fitting of the flooring. Which was supposed to be happening on Thursday.

Painted the bathroom ceiling with a third or fourth coat of paint. Then sat around waiting for it to dry. Fitted new light and pull-switch as soon as ceiling looked dry enough. Looking good, apart for one of the bulbs being broken. These things always come in fives I tell ye.

I need to sort the car battery out properly, but that will have to wait until next week sometime... at the rate I'm going with other jobs around the house. I was looking at the problem with the battery clamp and I realised I'd have to get under the car to hold the old rusted nut and stop it from spinning. It took a while for me to remember this is easy when you have an inspection pit. I'd forgotten I have one in the garage.

It's gone 2am now and I was going to do some more painting, but the filler in the door frame is still soft, so I'm off to bed.

*Superstitious nonsense, just the brain looking for patterns in all the random stuff.

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