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Last weekend seems along way away now. R.J. took time off being awesome in Wiltshire to visit Kent. I marked this occasion by inflating what's become known as the "Beer Pool" and (despite it's name) filled it with water. Much beer was drunk and we were too eventually. A Saturday morning fried breakfast restored our super powers and we soon ended up in the Just Reproach.

Monday came somewhat quicker than I expected, probably because I seemed to blip over much of the rest of the weekend. Although I did manage, between drinking and being hungover, to finish the essential bits of painting that needed to be done in the bathroom. Essential bits of painting that needed to be done before the chap arrived to fit the floor. Yeah... about that floor, luckily I put my head around the door before he really got going.

Me "Errr... that's the wrong vinyl."

Vinyl guy "I don't think so." He checks paper work. "No it's the right number. Look". He holds up paperwork for my inspection.

Me "I ordered burgundy."

Vinyl guy looks around bathroom at rows of burgundy tiles surrounding him. "Ah, I guess you probably did.".

He didn't seem that surprised so my guess is this probably isn't a rare occurrence in the hurly burly world of vinyl flooring. Up shot is flooring reordered and it should be fitted Friday. Even though this bathroom makeover is only a temporary fix-up, I want it to be... well not "just so", OCD perfect, but... No scratch that I DO WANT IT PERFECT! I DO WANT IT JUST SO! AND ACCUSING SOMEONE OF HAVING OCD JUST BECAUSE THEY CRAVE PERFECTION IS STUPID! IS IT SOMEHOW "NORMAL" TO WANT SOMETHING FINISHED JUST ANY OLD HOW. Wow! Where did that come from... Must think calm thoughts.

At least the delay has given me the chance to finish the not so essential bits of painting that needed to be done before the chap arrived to fit the floor. The painting does seem to be taking a long, long time for a very small room, but 6 hours between coats and pretty much being all fresh plaster means many coats.

Today I drove out to into the wilds of Kent to get pick-up an ebay purchase. A rather nice water pump is now in my possession. Then later I had another surprise winning bid on a bathroom cabinet, so went out to collect that. Really didn't expect to get that as the bid was very speculative. Very keen now to get the bathroom finished, with the two new (old) cabinets in, the cast-iron radiator in, and (if the correct colour arrives) the new floor.

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