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Real Life Chores.

So this is real life.
You're telling me.
And everything...
is where it ought to be.

Stuff achieved in real life today.

Finished building my log store. Built for very little money, out of a pallet, left over wood from the garage rebuild, some donated ship-lap (that was meant to be firewood), an off cut of roofing felt from the shed repair, and left over wood stain.

2013-10-05 16.45.39
There's a shelf for kindling to the top right.
The back has gaps for airflow.
I may add vented doors but as it's quite sheltered round that side of the house it may not be necessary.

Other stuff achieved today...

Cleared out a drainage channel that runs across the pavement outside my house. This channel should take rain water away from the front of the house. It's been clogged for years and water must have been building up under the front of the house. Hopefully now it will start to dry out there. I wouldn't be surprised if the damage to the bay window was due to this channel not being maintained properly in the past.

I also finally got around to decanting the sand, that's been sitting on my driveway in a huge forklift bag, into about 10 sacks and stored it away for the next building project.

Number one lodger also mucked in clearing the side garden of weeds and encroaching plant-life. Number one lodger also gets a mention in dispatches for helping clear the area by the log-store, where we nearly recovered double the amount of space in the corner of the garden.

I award myself a clever clogs award for blowing the wheelbarrow tyre back on the wheel. The tyre had come of the wheel due to it being moved while very flat. I tried easing it back and inflating with a foot pump but it needs a very quick blast of air to blow it back on. I remembered a rally driving trick I've seen where you blow MAP gas into the tyre and the light it. The resulting explosion blows the tyre back into place. Loved the confidence of the lodger running to the bottom of the garden when she saw what I was attempting. I tried using propane and after a couple of fails, tried lubing the wheel with washing-up liquid then once again filled the tyre with propane and lit it. BANG! Result, one perfectly seated tyre. Pumped it up to pressure using a conventional mix of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, a little argon, and .037% carbon-dioxide.

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