Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Another Fireplace Installation

The front bedroom concrete hearth was cracked down to the wooden support and it wasn't the correct height for the tiles I want to use. So it had to go. Very aware that downwards blows with the hammer could quite easily become downwards movement of the ceiling below I gently chipped away until I could see the condition of the supporting wood. For all I knew the wood could have a 115 years of rot in it or be completely missing as was the case with the dinning room hearth.

2013-10-09 23.07.46
I always amazes me the size of void you dig out,
only to have to back fill it, cover it in cast iron, and
end up with a hole the size of a shoe box for the fire to sit in.
Next job is to sort out the damaged floorboards around the hearth, pour a new hearth, make a template of the cast iron fireplace and workout the size of hearth and number of tiles required... and a million other things around the house.

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