Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

We got off lightly.

Four sheets of greenhouse glass scattered around the garden in about a couple of hundred bits. Many thanks to Jo for picking that up while I drove around trying to get replacements. Trouble is everyone had shut for Crimbo. In the end got the glass from Dover. I really didn't want to leave the greenhouse open to the elements wirh more wind on the way.

The greenhouse fixed and spare panes stashed in the garage, I turned my attention to the flat roof. Got a flat roof? It's going to leak! As the old advert went. Especially when it's covered in roofing felt, roofing felt is shed technology. I decided that water dripping into the house was a bad thing and had, while trying to find glass on Christmas eve, purchased a tin of roof fix, in the wet or dry, bugger to get off your hands, tar like stuff. So with Jem holding the ladder, thanks Jem, I climbed up on the roof in the rain and wind and started trawling on the black sticky stuff. Flashbacks to working up telegraph poles, always in the worst weather. Drying off now.

All in all given how ferocious the weather was last night and what's been on the news today... feeling we got off lightly.


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