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Stuff Wot I Did This Week

In no particular order...

Went to the newspaper library at Colindale. This was to check if the piece in The Times mentioned in The Hound of The Baskervilles was a real one... Bit of a long shot but I also wanted a sample of 1889 Times font. Why? Well I'm making a facsimile of the warning letter sent to Sir Henry. Couldn't find the piece but I was starting to get seasick on the microfilm reader.

Went for a hunt around the bookshops in the Bloomsbury area with Christina then got treated to dinner :-) Met up with Dr Alan for a few beers and a very good chat. He helped sort a few things out, very sound advice I thought.

Tried to see my dad's doctors, they were supposed to be at the hospital at 10:30, I waited until 12 then I had to go to my solicitor (I now have a Will, all seems way too grown-up for me). I get back to the hospital at 12:50 and they've been and gone and left a message that a discharge meeting is set for next week... Fine only I don't think my dad is anywhere ready for discharge! I'm starting to feel just a little conned. Whilst I'm still willing to try staying with my dad, no one's told me what is expected of me in regards to his care. Frankly I can really only be there to keep an eye on him and even then not 24/7.

Finally go one Louise Brooks film onto DVD from VHS. Thanks to James T. Kirk we could of got more done if he hadn't been called away by his young lady... I'm more than a little worried about James T. Kirk he seems to have got IT bad, he's even reading love poems.

I seem to have lost my pipe cutter. Very annoying as I need to cut some pipe to make keys for my new Victorian looking computer keyboard.

I have a new toy, a cordless phone. I know they are nothing new but I've never had one and it's fun to call from the garden, car, carpark, next door and do it on the landline.

Had small run in with my bank this week. I can not believe how dumb people can be. All sorted out but not before I had to explain the problem to two people at least 5 times.

I've spoken to Ari on the phone every night since she got home. Missing her so much and very tempted to just book a flight and tell the hospital I'm out of the country for the next month... But I won't, I feel guilty enough that I didn't go and see my dad today. So I don't think I could abandon him.

My PC is making a strange sort of "phone ringing" sound... I can't work out which application want's my attention...Weird !

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