Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


My leaking house starts a major phase of restoration today. Cutting out all the cement mortar and re-pointing with lime mortar. Also included in the work is fixing the arches above the windows, fit airbricks (replacing plastic ones with cast iron), chimney (pointing and resetting pots)...

And I can already hear that there are problems.

... fit stainless steel reinforcing bars to tie across cracks, repair windowsills...

I'm trying to remember why I chose this house over all the others I looked at 2 years ago. At least I don't have to move out as one friend is going to have to due to damp caused by CWI and cement render. But right now with two grinders going on the wall outside, moving out sounds like a very attractive idea. There's always the caravan at the bottom of the garden I suppose.

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