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A Brief Catching Up Job...

Let's see where are we? Recent events. Went to see Swarf on Saturday night, followed this with a visit to Slimelight. Much thanks to Ruth for providing door to door transportation and company. It was really good to get out, drink, dance, see bands.

Sunday saw my cousin Richard and his mum, we visited my dad.

My dad seems to be getting worse, really not good as the hospital is working towards discharging him. But frankly he can't stay in the hospital unit forever and I'd rather try getting him home sooner rather than later. Then if it doesn't work out I can start looking into residential care for him and get back into some sort of routine in my own life.

I had a nightmare about my dad last night. I still feel terrible about my reaction to it. I woke up and thought it was real. Maybe it's time to hold up my hand and say "HELP!".

Other stuff.

Missing Ari loads. It's so tempting to just drop everything and go to Texas for 3 months... But I won't, I can't, I want to. Ari said she maybe able to come over for a few days in September. I have no idea what my situation will be next month, but I want to see her so much I've said yes.

I feel in limbo, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if I'll be able to look after my dad. I feel totally out of my depth even thinking of staying with him.

Tried to catch up with Dr T this week but he's been away. However there may be a meeting of the Museum Street Irregulars next week.

My flat looks like a student flat right now. It's officially been declared a housework free zone, with the exception of the cat trays and food bowls.

Didn't go and see my dad today. May still pop over tonight, see if he's more with it in the evening. Had lunch in Surbiton with Ruth and went round the charity shops. Got a Hound of the Baskervilles DVD. Returned to Twickenham to pick up some photos I had dropped off yesterday... Only to find they hadn't done them yet. Had to hang around while they did them and then I had to smile sweetly while I was told it was my mistake! Grrrrr.... Guess who won't be getting my business again. I don't mind fuck-ups but don't try and pass the blame back to me. I have to just take this sort of thing on the chin at the moment because I know I'm on a short fuse right now... It's going to be a little stupid thing that tips me over the edge. Oh and I asked them NOT to cut the negatives.. Twice! Guess what they did?

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