Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

So... It kind of went like this.

I was sorting out the floor in the attic. A piece of wood under the floor was attached to the chimney, the piece of wood needed to be removed. It took out a piece of brick in the chimney and... vermiculite starts pouring out of the hole. I jam my hand in the hole (little Dutch boy style) and call out to Jo to get me something to stuff in the hole to stop the flow of vermiculite. I was some what stuck, arm up to my elbow in the chimney. After offering me a T-shirt, too small (to be fair Jo couldn't actually see the hole or what sort of predicament i was in around the back of the chimney. But it did seem a little weird when Jo handed me a Clanger to stuff into the breach. All I could think was "No good, whatever goes in there could end up being cemented in there, and I can't bring myself to wall-up a clanger, besides it's probably not fire proof.".  Eventually I managed slip out my arm and hammer a brick back into the hole. Ran down stairs, amazed to find this happened before the usual " all the shops shut at 4pm Sunday crap", jumped in the car and dashed round to the builders yard and grabbed a bag of cement. Everything fixed within an hour. Funny thing was on the way to the builders yard I realised the ideal breach stuffing material was right next to me, loft insulation. D'oh!

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