Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

My dad was giving cause for concern last earlier this week but seems a little better today. I sat in on a group physiotherapy session today with him... I got roped in on a couple of games the group were playing and got beaten by people over twice my age. I think I'll get some of the games for my dad to try at home. They are like kids garden games hoop over the post, and other traget games. Good for hand to eye coordination and he seemed to have fun.

I think I may pop down to Devon and have a look around next week. I'll have to do it before my dad moves home as I won't be able to once he's home. I want some I idea of a contingency plan in place in case it all goes Pete Tong.

I'm off out to meet up with friends tonight, for a monthly drink at the Princess Louise.. Thi could be the last one I am able get to for some time.

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