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I want to live without neighbours.

Tonight at around 8:30 next door start drilling into the dividing wall between my and their flat... No problem there really, I figured it wouldn't last long and after all it's only 8:30. And indeed it didn't last long. However upstairs decide I must be the one responsible for the drilling and start pounding on the floor so hard my chandelier stats swaying. Then for the rest of the evening their television has the volume set to 11! Woe betide them if they say anything to me tomorrow... In fact I hope they do complain. Then I'm going to very calmly suggest they establish who precisely is upsetting them before taking it out on me and ask that they consider me before doing step aerobics, playing crap music, snoring, walking up and down in hobnail boots, dropping random bits of scrap iron on the floor... at least that's how it sounds sometimes.

I have an terrible feeling that now my next door neighbour thinks I'm rude for banging in protest at his DIY and upstairs think I'm doing DIY too late into the night. Thing is about 15 years ago my flat mates stupid boyfriend decided to build a wardrobe at 11:30 at night... Upstairs came to complain... I had already asked him to "f*****g pack it in!" and to this day I guess upstairs think it was me making all the noise, while in fact I was trying to stop the noise.

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