Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Bank Holiday Monday

Got up late, around 11 I think. Dashed over to see my dad. Arrived just in time to catch him at lunch. Hospital food doesn't look too bad if you aren't vegetarian. Dad is managing to eat by himself now. A month ago we were spoon feeding him. He's hand to eye coordination is pretty good now, he even switched to a spoon once he just got down to gravy. Also he commented that I wouldn't be able to eat sausages, it all seems to be coming back.

Came home via Uncle Nem's and Bunny P's. Uncle Nem's garden is looking more and more like a traditional English garden now. Looks very much like a 1930's garden in fact.

Unx needed to pick up some photos so I joined him on a walk to Hounslow and dropped in to the 99p shop, there's also a 98p shop. Now a word of warning some things in the £1, 99p, and 98p shops can be obtained cheaper else where so it's a bit of a game to find the goodies that are actual bona fide bargains. I got four big jars of pickled garlic... Mmmmmmmmm yum.

Unx cooked a slap-up meal, then Bunny and I got the idea that ice cream would go down well so we went around the corner to get some.

Unx wired up a new USB hub onto his PC so he could check out the photos on his new camera.

I then headed home as Ari was due to be back from work and I wanted to catch up with her. And the good news is ariaga is coming over in September and November... I can't wait, but it's really good to have something to look forward to again.

I've been trying out my new digital camera too.