Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Sorry to say I had to make a difficult decision this afternoon. The vet hospital called and clearly Amber wasn't going to make it through to the next tests. Heads have been scratched aplenty at the RVC today and they had no idea what was wrong with Amber beyond some very long words for the symptoms, but no diagnoses. Whatever the cause she wasn't coming back from the effects on her body. So I asked a bank of questions, most I knew the answer to already and one that I'm not sure was fair question, "What would you do if she was your dog?".

I called it, as they say.

She had deteriorated so much that it was doubtful she would survive to the next tests and at this stage anything diagnosed wasn't going to be treatable anyway.

Needless to say we're gutted. It's like every moment of joy she gave has been turned into anti-joy and fired into me in one horrific jolt.

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