Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Long Day

Got up drove over to see my dad. He was in the day unit playing games, so I left him to it. Dropped off some jumpers for him and took his suit home. Amongst other this today and in no order because I'm too tired to remember it all in order...

Stair lift man came measured up and it's going to cost £2500. Not as bad as I had feared but still not cheap. I've seen them on ebay... but I'm not trusting my dad's safety to a second or third hand stair lift.

Alf the plumber came round and said no problem to move two radiators cost £150ish. WOW! So I think I'll ask him to go ahead so we are ready to do the stair lift thing should we need to.

Also arranged for engineer to call tomorrow and look at my dad's oven which blew-up again.

Sent birthday card to Charlie (small cousin who starts school next week).

Cleared up a few bits in my dad's garage. Found some tapes Uncle Nemesis did for me a few years back so I chucked them in my car so I was driving around to a right old weird mix of toons.

Spoke to Nora tonight and I'm going down to see her and her tribe next week. This is mainly to research plan B. Plan B From Outerspace...

Ari phoned tonight and a second call is promised just before bed time :-)

I wish it was 22:35 on September the 22nd now.

Tomorrow my uncle is coming over to visit my dad and also he promises to bring me a copy of his home movies from the 1950s he's had put onto tape. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I may put it up on my Web site should it prove interesting. Which reminds me... I've been sorting out some of my mum's photos from some of the shows she was in, during the 1950's, I hope to put these up on my site soon as well.

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