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I was persuaded to go out for Sunday lunch today. We weren't exactly sure where we would end up, I had more of an idea of where I didn't want to go that where I did. Along the way I mentioned to Jo that I thought we were near a second-hand bookshop we'd been to once before. It's one of those off the beaten track out of the way places. We found it again more by luck than judgement I think.

Here's today's haul.
2015-09-06 15.52.01
Leather quarter bound Dickens, very good condition.

I was going to try and do the whole Black Books "Real Dickens" conversation.

Those books, how much?
The leather-bound books.
The Collected Works of Charles Dickens.
They're real leather?
They're real Dickens.
I have to know because they have to go with a sofa.

Also purchesed some knocked about leather bound Shakespeare's, and a small selection of Edwardian adventure novels, real ripping yarns stuff. Total spent £29, slightly less than £1 each.

Other recent book buys from elsewhere....(Wood Green Animal Charity Shop, Petticoat Lane Emporium, ebay and ABE)

'Bookbinding and the Care of Books' by Douglas Cockerell, 1924

'The Book-Lover's Enchiridion (Thoughts on the Solace and Companionship of Books)' by Alexander Ireland 1884

'The Prophecies of Mother Shipton' Published late 19th Century by the looks of it.

3 volumes of Milton's poetical works. 1910

'The Human Body and Its Functions' by H. Sinclair Patterson, M.D., 1880 If I'm reading the Roman MDCCCLXXX correctly.

And last but not least....

Bede's Ecclesiastical History and The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Edited by J.A Giles D.C.L., 1868
This one was a little disappointing. It was suspiciously cheap on ABE so I should have guessed there was something wrong. Smothered in layers of sticky-tape. As far as I can tell there was no reason for anyone to have done this as it seems to be, in otherwise, good condition. I'll see if I can remove this tape at some point.

If I didn't have a million (exaggeration, but it does sometimes feel like it) things to do first I'd like to get started on the library shelving in the front room. It would be nice to have somewhere to display and enjoy these and all my other books (mostly in storage). I look forward to winters spent in a wing-backed leather armchair, a roaring fire in the grate, a glass of port to hand, and a pile of books to see me through till spring.

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