Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Kindle trouble.

Jo broke the screen on her Kindle 3 the other day. I could have ordered her a new screen, but decided best option was get a replacement Kindle 3. Partly because it would be a bit of a wait for the screen to arrive from China, partly because I liked the idea of fixing the broken one at my leisure once we'd registered her account to the new one, and partly because this plan would give us a spare Kindle 3 if either of us broke our screens again.

The new (second-hand ebay, not much more than a new screen) Kindle 3 arrived today. And it proved to be a right pig to get it to reg on Jo's account. The only information it would give was "no such account". After faffing fucking messing around with it for about 3 hours, becoming frustrated screaming at the wretched thing, I finally had the idea it could be the firmware. Yup, it was a firmware problem. I wonder if that's why the chap sold it on ebay? Anyway updated the firmware and it worked fine.

It reminds me of the printer I got on ebay that didn't work at first, it wouldn't load the paper. I cleaned the dust out of it and it worked fine.

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